Reneesha Mccoy

Reneesha Mccoy depicts abstract body forms to tell the story of motherhood and caring for another.

TARA BLACKWELL is American but lives in North America


Reneesha Mccoy creates her art through a drive of self expression that extends from her lived experiences as a mother, a woman, and a witness of women. A self-taught artist based in North Carolina, Mccoy began creating art full time after the birth of her son in 2019. Her works are shaped by her own body and mind’s strength within the regular occurrences of motherhood.

Mccoy is consistently marveled by the strength of the women that she has interacted with through her life. The expressions of her experiences and emotions emerge organically as she assesses her goals and moods during the creation of her work. The results are tableaux that masterfully capture many complex aspects of the female identity—strength, vulnerability, motherhood, physicality, as well as pre-and postpartum self.

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What we love

Reneesha Mccoy is rapidly developing and evolving. A look at her Instagram feed will quickly show you how her style has changed and yet remained distinctly her own. Her range of expression is visually layered and deeply compelling. We love her ability to go from line drawing to impasto to digital renderings of her moving women. Mccoy’s latest collection explores the experience of battle, disconnection, and insecurity. Mccoy employs the use of contrasting mediums to enhance the chaotic nature of the mind as well as to present a conceptual aspect to the female form.

"I do believe elevating the work of female artists collectively will initiate change in a positive way. We’re all exposed to the rawness surrounding us, each with different interpretations."
- Reneesha Mccoy
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The relationship between nature, life, and femininity are all in conversation in Reneesha Mccoy’s artwork. Mccoy highlights the physical changes that mothers undergo throughout the process of childbirth. Based on her personal experience, each mark she makes speaks to the emotion that goes into creating another life. Celebrating the power of womanhood, Mccoy builds a figurative narrative that allows us to reflect on the true nature of the female form and all that it is capable of enduring.