Savina Capecci

Enter her world of emotive, neon dreamscapes as Savina Capecci explores the ambiguous relationship between modern society and our natural world.

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Italian painter Savina Capecci’s work explores the tenuous and complex relationship that humans have with nature. Using a bright and often neon-infused color palette, her scenes emerge as an ironic look at a hypertrophic universe that is replete with symbols of what she sees as the cross contamination of the human and natural worlds. Her works also delve into the human aspect of the current immigration crisis and domestic violence.

Capecci’s surrealist compositions reveal solitary moments where time appears to be suspended or even fragmented. Human figure are the protagonists of her paintings—most of the times they are ordinary people or girls doing common and everyday things. The scenes are familiar but can even seem somber, reflecting the isolation that the COVID-19 pandemic has inflicted upon us. Familiarity is disrupted as an ordinary scene detaches from reality to create a truly enigmatic surrealist composition.

Capecci is a full-time artist who lives in Pordenone, Italy. She holds a Master Degree in International Economics and Monetary Markets from Trieste as well as an MA in Visual Arts from the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, where she specialized in Painting. Her paintings have been selected for exhibitions and biennials both internationally and in Italy including the distinction of a finalist artist in several painting art prizes and awards.

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What we love

Contemplative and sometimes fantastical scenes present a new harmony between nature and mankind while at the same time sparking our imaginations to envision new possibilities. Capecci creates images from everyday life, using photos and sketches often creating her own scenography at home. Color tension is very important to her as she manipulates oil and acrylic colors across her tableaux.

Using figures as her primary subjects, Capecci uses bright colors to give each being their own personality and life within the work. She inspires us to approach life with a new perspective, one that considers many options of what reality can be composed of. As we meet her characters, we wonder, what are they conversing about? What are they thinking? How do they approach the other figures in the works? There is life brimming in each artwork, and an alternate reality that we can't help but be curious about.

“I think a good artwork should contain interpretation keys not immediately perceptible, with a sense of disorientation, and sometimes also with a bit of humor.”
- Savina Capecci
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Reflecting on the human condition, existence, and nature is at the very heart of Savina Capecci’s work. Her compositions often take a part of a scene that is familiar and infuses ambiguity, transmutations, hybridizations, metamorphosis and other “contaminations.” Humans are a part of nature and she messages and we must take care of our world or inevitably pay the consequences. Through her practice, Capecci allows her imagination to continuously recalibrate with the world around her to reflect both the present moment and an alternate reality.