Alba Páramo

Travel through Mexican artist Alba Páramo’s dreams of love, nature and the sacred connection between animals and human beings.

TARA BLACKWELL is American but lives in North America


Mexican artist Alba Páramo’s artworks come from dreams and are deeply rooted in her Latin American culture. Her reveries of love, nature and sacred connection are interpreted through images of animals and humanity. These subjects interact together as well as with the riches provided by our planet—flora, gems, and the land. Páramo’s imagery is inspired by symbolism, mythology, literature, cultural history and Tibetan art. ⁣

Páramo understands the power and dualistic nature of art—that it is both diverse and universal in its ability to open the human mind and senses.  She is pushed by her curiosity and continues to expand her working processes and mediums to achieve the best result by exploring their unlimited possibilities.

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What we love

As a printmaker specializing in etching, Páramo is able to achieve sinuous and precise lines that lure us deeper into the details of her works. Her skills as a printmaker became a natural segue and foray into screen printing. Páramo's interest in fashion and textiles inspired her to transform artworks into clothing. She has has released numerous limited edition drops of her imagery, which include clothing printed by hand.

Páramo’s works are open ended and she invites you to interpret and connect with them are you like. There is a welcoming inclusivity to her work, a kind of dialogue between viewer and artist as we navigate her themes and explorations. Her connection to her Mexican heritage and Tibetan culture are delivered in her bold, bright prints and line art. Animals, jewelry, and humanity meet in her narratives to encourage a more holistic world view. All together, her works remind us that we are one and the same on a universal level.

"Like an enlightened moment, I have realized the dualistic nature of art, its diversity and universality in relation to the state of mind I have created when I left Mexico."
- Alba Páramo
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Páramo reminds us of the importance of connecting to the natural world through her works. In a world that is rapidly advancing technologically, Páramo reminds us to be mindful in the ways in which we exist. She encourages us to step outside, take off our shoes, and walk in the grass to reconnect with the Earth and the cosmic parts of life. Through the jewels present in her pieces, she redefines wealth and value by attributing it to abundance present in nature. Her animals sing to us or lounge around, preserving their beauty and placing them in the same sphere as humans. Páramo takes us back to our ancient roots and what it truly means to be human.